Entry #3

Edgy af poem from high school

2017-07-14 23:04:47 by littlemisfortune

Would they miss me?
Notice I was gone?
Mourn a week?
Maybe two or three

I feel like giving up
My heart fading back
Into the abyss
Into the lonely black

It's heavy with grief
Heavy with despair
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
This isn't fair

I don't do it intentionally
This isn't why I came
I want to be a family
But I'm too full of shame

I know what's wrong with me
I know it'll never heal
It's so hard to tell sometimes
If happiness is even real

I've hidden for so long
Under lock and key
Alone in my mind
Where it's just me

I hate the way it makes me
So tired all the time
Making excuses like I'm lazy
But I know it's just a lie

Would they really miss me
In ten or fifteen years
Once they've gotten used to it
And stopped shedding all those tears

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2017-07-31 11:47:09

Nicely done! Lots of hidden feelings, but I think it'll come out on your next poem.

littlemisfortune responds:

Thank you very much!


2017-08-26 01:14:03

Leaving a comment here even though we already discussed this one in person. Dig it