Edgy af poem from high school

2017-07-14 23:04:47 by littlemisfortune

Would they miss me?
Notice I was gone?
Mourn a week?
Maybe two or three

I feel like giving up
My heart fading back
Into the abyss
Into the lonely black

It's heavy with grief
Heavy with despair
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
This isn't fair

I don't do it intentionally
This isn't why I came
I want to be a family
But I'm too full of shame

I know what's wrong with me
I know it'll never heal
It's so hard to tell sometimes
If happiness is even real

I've hidden for so long
Under lock and key
Alone in my mind
Where it's just me

I hate the way it makes me
So tired all the time
Making excuses like I'm lazy
But I know it's just a lie

Would they really miss me
In ten or fifteen years
Once they've gotten used to it
And stopped shedding all those tears

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Have You Ever?

2017-07-13 04:00:56 by littlemisfortune

Have you ever wondered
What lays out past the stars?
Have you ever wondered
Who you really are?

Have you ever smiled
Just to hide your frown?
Have you ever faked happy
Even though you're down?

Have you ever grinned
But really wanted to cry?
I've done this
So many a time

Have you ever sat in silence
Or stared off into space
Imagining a world
That isn't this place?

Have you ever loved someone
Who didn't even know
Wishing they would notice
But knowing it won't be so?

Have you ever been put down
By everyone you know
Lower than the ground
Where tools will not sow?

Have you ever had a friend
That always cheers you up
When you feel it's the end
And you feel like giving up?

Have you ever written a poem
Describing how you feel
But when someone asks
You say it isn't real?


2017-02-09 22:59:55 by littlemisfortune

Yoski broskis (all three of ya)

Considering posting poetry on my news posts since I sometimes make some decent poems. I'm not all that talented at anything else and my only contribution on this site has been voting and reviewing (which I'm sure helps but sometimes I feel bad cause yanno, I can't really pop out any cool games or videos or anything).

Anyways, if i do this feel free to comment if you like or don't like it and tell me what you think


Peace out fam